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White Patty You Dont Shine, 1987-88  by Carrie Mae Weems 


White Patty You Dont Shine, 1987-88  by Carrie Mae Weems

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"German Song" 
German Song/Go Home and Die [Single] (2012) 


Chasing Ray - Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky


Oh, this is such a bleak book.

It feels small to write that because I don’t think bleakness is truly appreciated anymore. We get our heartstrings tugged so frequently, so casually by many authors. What David Connerley Nahm does with Ancient Oceans of Kentucky is much more than convenient sadness as a plot point though. He takes sorrow to a whole other level and infuses this novel with so many careful layers of emotion that you feel drained by the end.

A very nice review of Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky. A Side Note: I’m a fun person to be around in real life.


Rep Fest: I feel like in the Classic Rock/Music fandom a lot of people are really preoccupied with the British Invasion artists and other white artists (ie: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly etc, etc.) They don’t seem to know about some of the black artists that were making just as big of a splash in America at that time. So, I thought this was a good time to showcase some of the awesome black men and women who were making great music at that time.

Shown Above:
The Supremes - Chuck Berry
The Temptations - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Little Richard
James Brown - The Marvelettes
Aretha Franklin - The Isley Brothers

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an aesthetic

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Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude


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Higher Sky, student short-film directed by Eric Cheng (University of Southern California).
Preview video : http://vimeo.com/100568781

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